Assuring that our clients are properly paid requires good communication and good tools. We now have a tool called AccelaMobile which allows practices to quickly record and securely send information to Medical Management for billing. This provides much more than mobile charge capture from any device with an internet connection. Within the tool you can save frequently used procedure and diagnosis codes for quick reference, search for any code necessary, securely communicate with billing staff, and quickly capture charge information to send immediately for billing. This tool also provides ICD-10 guidance to help prepare for an increase in coding edits which are slated to arrive in the fall of 2016. This tool will be helpful for practices serving patients within a facility setting including skilled nursing facilities and custodial care facilities.

Once logged in a user is able to create rounding lists in order to organize patients for each facility they serve, quickly add new patients and record encounter details for billing purposes. Since you can easily access the system from any device with an internet connection you can match the tool to your workflow. The design is to allow you to be able to work efficiently on any device you choose from keyboard to touchscreen.

We are always sharpening our tools and adapting to changes in the healthcare industry and in technology. This is just an example of the many solutions that we find or create for our clients in order to make sure they are paid quickly and correctly for their services. For more information about mobile charge capture or questions about how we can help your practice thrive please contact our office.