Medical Management Support Services

We provide Professional Medical Billing Services and Software for multiple specialties.  We help the practices we serve receive quick correct payment from front to back and A to Z.  Contact us today to learn how we solve reimbursement headaches, keep up to date with the ever-changing healthcare industry, and operate as a true partner with the practices that we serve.  Our professional medical billing services provide custom solutions to meet your needs.


From solo to multiple providers and locations. Quickly manage your patient schedule with tools for checking insurance eligibility, and appointment reminders with our professional medical billing services.
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Practice Management

Our robust Practice Management software provides powerful tools for working your own claims. We constantly create solutions as we manage accounts receivable. This options provides do it yourself(with help) access to the same tools that we use and even custom practice analytics.

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Billing and Support Services

Combine our excellent tools, proven processes, and constant improvement to assure your claims are paid quickly and correctly with our professional medical billing services. Have insight into the entire process and eliminate revenue leakage and assure your practice is performing for you. If you’re looking for more infomation please visit our Medical Billing Professionals page.
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Creating and maintaining a successful Medical practice can feel like an uphill battle. We help provide the professional billing tools and team to lift you to your goal.

We provide a lift to reach your goal. Contact us to learn about solutions that fit your practice.

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Let’s face it – Medical Billing Services exist because revenue cycle management is complex.   Medical billing requires a very particular set of skills.  We have developed our professional medical billing skills since 1991.

At MMSS our approach to revenue cycle management combines skilled use of the latest technology with a flexible approach to fit the needs of each practice we serve.  We operate as a partner and guide to help practices stay financially healthy while they focus on quality patient care.  Having your revenue cycle managed by experts at MMSS also means we help you prepare for what is ahead.  As alternative payment models and merit-based incentive payment systems roll out our services help practices navigate new requirements and make well-informed decisions.

We do not forget that every single medical bill is a service provided to a patient.  The speed and accuracy of our services is a reflection of how we care for patients.   No one enjoys a surprise medical bill, a late bill, or an inaccurate bill.  By having accurate and timely statements along with convenient payment options we help patients understand their balance and resolve it.

We are happy to help patients with questions regarding their balance and we provide bilingual staff skilled in professional medical billing services and able to assist patients in English and Spanish.

With MMSS as your medical billing service, you can stay connected to the financial performance of your practice with intelligent reports and 24/7 visibility.  Since we provide revenue cycle management for practices that are large and small we likely have created a solution that will benefit your practice.

At MMSS we also offer practice management and electronic health records software sales as a standalone service separate from our medical billing services.  This allows practices that prefer in-house billing access and support to the powerful systems that we use.

Whether you put your trust in MMSS as your medical billing service or as your software and support provider it is our goal to help make sure your practice is paid quickly and correctly and says financially healthy.

Contact us today to start the conversation and see how we can benefit your practice.


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